We are the beginging , we are the end.

People always find a way to conserve and protect our buildings, living environment, world architecture. However, we do not ever try to find a way to protect the planet we living on.  Natural resources are constantly consumed because of us. Why can’t treat each environment in the same way? Why do only the Wonders of the World or some famous attractions have additional jurisdiction? 

From my models I wanted to maintain the timber’s natural finish, using no treatment or coatings, thus leaving the colour and surface of the wood to gradually mature with age. The other side will be polluted, I was thinking how can I represent the polluted side by using different ink. The first one I just using the simple black ink spray, the other one is the thermochromic ink. After a couple of testing and review, the normal black ink is more fit with the model I made. 

details .jpg
model image.jpg
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