City Of Darkness

If the world gets worse every day, even the city is more developed, the lights are brighter, and without the support of the people, it will only become darker. This is my source of inspiration. Seeing today’s Hong Kong culture, democracy, freedom has also begun to decline. From the recent protests in Hong Kong, I pay attention to the news of Hong Kong every day. I am also very impressed. Also, make me feel very sad.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 21.39.40.png

The 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests are a series of ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong and other cities around the world against the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation Bill 2019 proposed by the Hong Kong government.
A number of young protesters said the storming of parliament was a symbolic act of defiance against a government and political system they had little say in. Hong Kong’s leader is not elected by ordinary voters but by a committee accountable to Beijing. Only half of the 70-seat legislature is directly elected, while the other 35 seats are occupied by mostly pro-establishment figures from corporate and special interest groups. Young people also said it was a sense of hopelessness that had driven them to desperation, as the government continued to fail to respond to their political demands.


Every scene is very profound in every moment. There were 1 million citizens and 2 million citizens who took to the streets to demonstrate. The government did not respond. On June 15th, the first person who was suicided. On July 1, there were already three people who forced to death, to tell the public, the government for what we want, it is a really sad thing, as an overseas student I feel very lost and upset. I also want to do something about it, become a part of them, even I am not in Hong Kong. The neon lights should be full of colour, but I am mainly in black and white this time. Because I can’t see the future and the glory of the past. The illustrations and texts are mainly black, white and grey. Because of the heavy mood.
It may be a little different from my original theme, but I also hope to complete this opportunity. I will try to combine all the topics.