What’s the story?

We know quite a lot about architecture art in the West. Hundreds of papers and books were written about Islamic art. Some researchers explored architecture patterns in tribal art from both the Americas as well as from Africa. However, we know very little about architecture art in Chinese architecture culture. So my ideas are to make the people become more understanding and feel interesting in Chinese traditional architecture. The styles and origins of the window in the Chinese traditional garden are depicted in my idea. Different from others in the world, the Chinese garden is well-known for its unique temperament and structure. An inimitable atmosphere with mysterious and unutterable feeling by the window in a garden sketching intrigued the author’s great curiosity and interest, which was later taken as an opportunity to create a book.


In traditional Chinese architecture, antique wooden doors and windows are symbols of Chinese culture and art. Long ago, the Chinese people had their wishes and blessings engraved onto window frames.

I believe the main role of the window frames is to “put soul into the art” of a building. Whether portraying a piece of history or a landscape, every exquisite window frame has become an artistic crystallization of Chinese traditional culture. In the history of world architecture, the beauty of traditional Chinese wooden architecture is unique. If window frames are likened to be the eyes of a building, then it will be no exaggeration to say that Chinese architecture has the most beautiful eyes in the world.


I made the various traditional beautiful window designs are carved by cardboard inside pages. One picture, folded by the hand-painted landscape, appears on one side of the parchment paper or tracing paper while the other by Chinese characters on the very back of this page when flipping over. 

Through this unique expression technique and visual communication, I hope that when picking up my book every reader from different nationalities and regions could notice and feel the Chinese philosophy of life, tender and tensile, simple and artistic.


As I said the window frame is the most important in the Chinese garden, so I spent most of the time around the design of my unique window frame. Because I can not just copy someone ideas. I have studied the window frame, some of them got patterns, some of them are just geometry, some of them are quite random. My way to design is going to be detailed, patterned and complicated.

Problems and solutions: I have tried to use paper cuts, but there are some problems and flaws, no matter how sharp the knife, the paper is uneven, I also consider the paper problem, but even soft or hard are doesn’t matter, so I tried another way out to solve the problems, I applied to AutoCAD.


After the window frame design, the next step is the drawing part, I was thinking should I use watercolour or just pen drawing, finally I found out I quite like the simple pen drawing, In order to be able to increase the confidence of the drawing and learn more Chinese architecture, I spent some time to practice, one is a simple drawing, each painting with about 2 to 5 mins, another comparison with more time, each one will be more detailed Although some are Western-style buildings, it also makes me more understanding of the structure. My drawing theme includes one or more ponds, rock works, trees and flowers, and pavilions within the garden. Because these are the elements in the Chinese garden. I tried on illustrator as well, however, I think I prefer hand drawing. 

I have considered the paper problem as well, from the beginning I draw on the tracing paper, when the tracing paper match with the black paper, the result are quite good, but  I think is not going to match with the wood. I also try a different types of papers, I found out this yellow paper is quite soft and the effect is quite a match when it combined with the woods.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 12.12.15 pm.pn

Laser-cut perfectly cut out my ideal effect and my design, without any defects, replaced my original paper cut out, and made it possible for me to take a little more time to deal with other parts, such as: drawing and writing layout, Can make me more time to solve the problem. This process also made me learn some new skills, so I can be proficient in the auto cap. This is my first use of laser cut, laser cut is my dream to want to use.

After the feedback session, I hope that the reader can better understand my subject so that the reader took my window frame, I believe that through the window frame things will be more beautiful. So I applied to the previous idea, used paper cut this technology, I made some new window frames, and also this time I applied to the card production, and after the practice and before the failure, this time I use the knife more skillfully, every time I will update the new blade, hope doesn’t have any defects.